About Us

Hi there,

Welcome to Prema Photo for Business.

We are Diana and Nikolay, the family, founders and owners of Prema Photo. We’re professional portrait and event photographers. We are your local photo studio based in Sydney, Australia.

Our company is very helpful in portraiture from strong business headshots to dynamic styled portraits showing your success. We cover a big variety of festivals and parades, with thousands of participants as well as corporate events and special occasions.

We are a very friendly and easy-going company. Our goals and ambitions make us pro-active and loyal to our clients. And our mission is to satisfy all personal requirements of our customers.

We are full of fresh, new business ideas. Prema Photo is a team of photographers, marketers and advertising managers who can share ideas of how to improve your business through effective images. We will guide you how to use professional photos and which format you need.


Great IMAGES create a GREAT IMAGE!

That’s what we deliver!

I look forward to meeting you and discuss your needs. Contact us now!